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Buying From a Distributor

Posted March 27, 2012

A distributor? Why not buy direct from the manufacturer?

There are many that think buying direct from the manufacturer is always a better option than working with a distributor. However, there are actually many reasons why working with a distributor is the better option.

Distributors have significant buying power. Most manufacturers have minimum order requirements. Distributors are able to purchase in bulk for a significant discount. In addition, distributors do not have the overhead costs of actually producing, storing, and shipping the products. We are then able to pass the discounts on to our customers without requiring large minimum orders.

Distributors are able to find the best possible solution. Because we represent multiple manufacturers we always have multiple options to explore for our customers. We are not forced to only explore one product as one product will never fit all applications. Furthermore, because we represent multiple manufacturers of the same product we are able to make sure that the most competitive pricing in available.

Manufacturers have so many things to worry about from the production line to the shipping process and everything in between. Since distributors do not have all these different processes to focus on, we are able to spend more time focusing on our customers allowing for accurate quick shipments at an aggressively competitive cost.

Distributors are also likely to be a one stop shop for customers. Since we represent so many different manufacturers we are able to offer an extensive product line. For example, here at Conpac Group we partner with all major air pillow manufacturers. But since we are a packaging distributor we are also able to off corrugated boxes, carton sealing tape, bubble wrap, stretch film, labels, and more. So our customers will only have to pick up the phone once or send a single email to place a complete order. This allows our customers more time to focus on the daily operations rather than tracking and waiting for multiple orders.