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Wholesale Packing Supplies Makes Your Move Easy

Posted November 30, 2012

In order to have a well planned, smooth transition to your new home, there are several things you will need to take care of prior to packing up your shipping boxes and moving boxes. If done in enough time prior to your move, you’ll have fewer surprises during those first few days in your new house.

First, inform friends and family prior to the move as to what day you will be moving. Having friends and family that are able to help you move will make the move go that much smoother.

Change your address prior to your move so that the date that mail will begin forwarding to your new address will sync up with your actual first day in your house. Also keep in mind that the United States Postal Service does not always change your magazine subscriptions to your new address so you may need to do this on your own. Magazines usually have information on how to do this in fine print just below the table of contents.

Make sure that you change your address on any sites that you frequently shop from online. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to reroute a package that was mistakenly sent your previous address, especially if that address is several states away. Also, make sure to pack all of our important files and papers in a distinct legal size filing box.

Make sure you have insulated box liners on hand to pack up the food in your refrigerator. Brute totes are a good container to hold items that may be moist or cold. There’s no need to waste all of that good food just because you’re moving a few hundred miles, and besides, your first night in your new home after a long day of moving and sorting through everything, you’re more than likely going to be very hungry.

Purchase your shipping boxes and acrylic tape well in advance. While it may be tempting to use other people’s boxes, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as carrying a box containing something that is fragile and having the bottom of the box giving out. Make sure that your shipping boxes and supplies are high quality and new for your move.

Check out your new place a few days prior to your move. Make sure that hot water, gas, and electrical are all in working order. You may even want to take this time to turn your gas and electric on.

If you take the time to ensure that all of this is taken care of prior to the big move, you’re sure to have an easy transition into your new home.