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Organizing and Settling Into A New Home

Posted December 5, 2012

Now that the big day has come and gone, you’re probably finding yourself unpacking... and unpacking. Good thing you read our other posts about an easy move, right? While it was smart to prepare well in advance for this move in order for it to be a smooth transition, there are still a few things left to do after getting all of your shipping boxes to your place.

First, make sure that the post office now has your correct address on file, a simple call should be able to take care of this, or you can go to the USPS site online to change your address.

Take some time to find new healthcare professionals in your area if you have made a trek that is quite some distance from your last home. A new physician, dentist, vet are essential because you never know when an emergency is going to arise.

Make sure that your bank records and other various financial institution accounts are reflective of your new address in order to prevent identity theft as well as any headaches that may occur if you are unable to pay a bill on time due to having the wrong address listed on your file.

If you drive, double check with your car insurance company to see if due to where you currently reside you are eligible for a lower monthly coverage rate. While this is not always true, it is occasionally the case.  If you are moving due to a job change, make sure that you have all of your information ready for your new insurance agency if this is necessary.

You will also realize that you have a perfect opportunity to organize your belongings the way you had not had the drive to do. Remember that some of the best organizing happens while everything is already out of its place. For all the important files like bank statements, titles, insurance papers and legal documents try out file storage boxes; easy to pack, stack and store in the basement, attic, garage and office.
Storage bins are great for toys, garage items and laundry. Storage totes for extra blankets, seasonal clothes and toys. Finding easy ways to store the items you don't use everyday will make for a cleaner, more organized home.

Become acquainted with your new area! Get a library card, find out what local restaurants are good, go for a walk in a nearby park and take in the scenery. After all, this is your home now!