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Welcome David LoSavio!

Posted July 31, 2013

New Team Member: David LoSavio

We have a new employee, who joined the Conpac team last week.
His name is David LoSavio, and he has 20 years of experience. There's a great story behind his coming to Conpac Group. 20 years ago, David's father and I started Conpac Group as partners. After 3 years we parted ways, and although not a desirable separation, it was amicable. We've stayed in touch, and have been fortunate to welcome a talented and experienced new member to the Conpac family as a result.
There's a lesson here about integrity. About being honorable, doing things in good faith, and not burning any bridges. This is a lesson we apply to everything we do here at Conpac.
And we're proud to have our new team member who shares in these values.