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Quick Product Turn-Around

Posted January 31, 2013

If you own or are part of a small business that is just starting out, making a good first impression is of utmost importance in all aspects of your business. One of the quickest ways to make or break a customer’s loyalty to your business can depend on how fast your turn-around on products is. If a customer or client feels as if they have found you to be the perfect vendor for their needs, but then you take longer to ship your good than you had guaranteed the client you would deliver their good to them, there is a good possibility that this will be the only time they will be using your services.

Fortunately, quick turn-around can be easy to achieve if you take the following steps prior to taking orders.

Prior to taking orders, make sure that you are fully stocked with what you are offering to your clients. If you have a run on a certain product, than that product will ultimately lead to longer turnaround times since you will have to restock the items. Be aware of which products sell during certain times of the year and be prepared to ship these products quickly.

Make sure that you have all of the correct shipping materials prior to taking an influx of orders. The sooner that you can have the materials boxed and ready to go, the sooner they can be placed in the mail and be delivered to your client.

When shipping your items, you will want to make sure that the shipping materials you are using are of the highest quality, from the shipping boxes that you are using to the packing tape dispenser, every package must be securely sealed. If a package becomes battered or torn during the shipping process, then it is likely to be held up at one of the warehouses your shipping company is using. By using shipping products of the highest caliber, you’re investing in making sure your turn around time is quick and easy.

Finally, make sure that the ability to fill out a shipping address form is easy for a customer to use. If you are an online vendor, make sure that every field that needs to be filled out is properly highlighted to the customer. If you take written orders, make sure that you have the ability to double check with a customer what their address is so that you are accurate with where you are shipping a product.

Quick turn-around is just one simple way that you can make sure your small business builds a great reputation for itself right from the start.