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Corrugated Fun

Posted March 27, 2012

Almost everyone has empty boxes laying around at one point or another. It may be left over boxes from a big move, the last pair of shoes you bought, or a gift ordered online. So I sat down and decided to see how many different uses I could come up with for all the empty corrugated boxes laying around…Lets see how far I get.

 Moving always requires lots of boxes unless you like to put everything you own in garbage bags.

Storing holiday decorations

Filing everything from tax returns at home to end of year information at work.

Build a tower of boxes. (Have you seen that Simpsons episode?)

Built a fort or a house. You can paint on windows and doors or even cut them out.

Small empty boxes are great for making Valentine’s day card holders for the office or school parties.


Make a finger puppet theater

Pretend you are an airplane. Corrugate makes great wings, although not suitable for actual lift off.

Boxes can be help a child learn shapes. Is it a square or rectangle? You may even come across a triangle or circle but these are much less common. Or you could always go one step farther and create your own shape sorter that also highlights colors, counting, animals, the list could go on and on.

You can make a corrugated Christmas trees.

Make ornaments out of boxes to hang on your corrugated tree.

You can make a pet bed with an empty box and a few old towels and or blankets.

Use empty cardboard boxes to make a train.

Decorate an empty box to create a keepsake holder. 

Empty shoeboxes could make a great picture box.

Stack empty boxes on top of each other to make inexpensive shelves.

With pieces of corrugated boxes, a little glue, and some cardstock you can create one of a kind picture frames.

Use empty boxes to make inexpensive Halloween costumes: milk carton, Lego piece, iPod, robot...this list could go on and on.

Create a maze for a small animal.

Make a suggestion box.

Make a box of love: Decorate a small corrugated box and fill it with reasons you love someone. Then when they are feeling blue they can pull out a sentiment and know how much you love them.

Create a one of a kind card.

Using small pieces of corrugate and small boxes you can make drawer organizers.

Empty boxes decorated or not would make great magazine holders.

Wrap a present.

Organize all the little toys that come with kids.

Make a crown, hat, or headdress

Empty boxes make great armor for the upcoming fight with a dragon.

Cut up empty boxes are great for protecting your floors during high traffic times such as that next furniture delivery. Just be sure it is not a trip hazard or easy to slip on.

You can always sell empty boxes on a site like craigslist or a garage sale.

Make doll house furniture.

Stronger corrugated would make a pretty decent clipboard.

Create a bookmark

Save them for the next diorama project that always seems to be right around the corner.

Make your own waste basket decorated in ideal colors or characters to match the room theme.

Create a shadow box

Use cut up empty boxes or corrugated scraps to make Halloween masks, mascaraed masks, or funny large glasses.

Make a bird house

Decorate long pieces of corrugate to create a heigt chart for children. It can be an exact match to the décor of the room and if you ever move homes or even rooms these memories can move with you.

Use thinner corrugate to cover textbooks

Use corrugate to create your own puzzles

Cut small circles or shapes and decorate. Pair this with a wall clock center and you have a one of a kind personalized wall clock.

A closed corrugate box would make a great crayon or pencil holder

Please remember that these are ideas and have not been tested. Please use caution as Conpac Group cannot be held responsible for any damage cause by trying one of these ideas.


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